What is Cellulitis ? Causes and Treatment of cellulitis

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What is Cellulitis ?:

Cellulitis usually are fat transferred under the skin tone and commonly viewed about the buttock and lower limbs. They seem to be dimpled as well as misshapen. Cellulitis can impact both men and women yet are standard to help gals on account of elevated fat depositing by the body processes.

What causes cellulitis?:

Cellulitis are caused by different factors:
Wearing of tight clothing such as tight pants can cause cellulite formation because this limits the blood supply in the buttocks and thighs. Obstruction in the flow of blood can alter the processes of the body and can lead to accumulation of fat.
  1. Those who do not exercise can develop cellulitis and those who often stand or sit in long periods of time.
  2. Genetics. There are certain individuals who are more prone to developing cellulitis because it is in their genetic makeup.  If cellulitis develop, they can just apply remedies to alleviate this condition
  3. Hormones. Hormonal factor also play a role in cellulite formation. Many believe that estrogen can add to the development of cellulitis but this remains to be fully studied in medical researchers.

Treatment of cellulitis:

There are simple remedies to lessen if not totally eradicate cellulitis. One way would be regular application of creams that can lessen the appearance of cellulitis. There are products in the market available or you can visit your family dermatologist to make the right one for you. Another way would be regular exercise. Exercise can promote better circulation in your body thus promoting proper functioning of your system. This can also lead to weight loss and fat reduction. Proper diet can also help lessen cellulitis. With a healthy diet, you can reduce your weight and fat accumulation which is the major factor in developing cellulitis. Other than the non invasive ways of treating cellulitis, there are also minor surgical procedures that can treat cellulitis. These procedures are elective especially to those who are really concerned of their look. Cellulite removal is available in skin clinics and readily available to qualified clients

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